Global tourism plastic initiative

SUP-Free is a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastic Initiative. GTPI unites the tourism sector behind a common vision to address the root causes of plastic pollution. 

It enables businesses, governments, and other tourism stakeholders to take concerted action, leading by example in the shift towards circularity in the use of plastics.

future of tourism coalition

SUP-Free is a signatory of the The Future of Tourism Coalition, which is a collaborative effort to chart a new, more sustainable direction for tourism and shift the status quo. 

Coalition shares a global mission: to place destination needs at the center of tourism’s new future.

Travel Without Plastic

Travel Without Plastic is SUP-Free’s knowledge partner.

Travel Without Plastic has been helping hospitality businesses to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic from their operations without compromising the guest experience since 2011. 


Travindy is SUP-Free’s communications partner.

Travindy is a sustainable tourism news platform and a consulting agency, with a mission to make sustainability a common practice among tourism and hospitality businesses around the world, regardless of their size and location.

Oceans Integrity

Ocean Integrity is a group dedicated to eliminating harmful plastics from our World’s Oceans.

Their goal is to use aggressive techniques to remove the existing plastic material from the Oceans while using existing and identifying new recycling tactics to prevent plastics from entering the waste stream and use education and activism to reduce pollution in the Oceans.