SUP-Free Certified Hotels
TASİGO Eskişehir
TASİGO Eskişehir is a 5-star hotel located in the beautiful region of Eskişehir in Turkey, within walking distance of Odunpazarı, a Unesco World Heritage listed district. TASİGO Eskişehir has become the first hotel fully compliant with all levels of the SUP-FREE criteria. The hotel has eliminated single-use plastics not only from the customer-facing areas but throughout all hotel premisses. It also continuously works with its partners and suppliers to reduce single-use plastics from its supply chain.
Kazan Palace by Tasigo
Kazan Palace by Tasigo is a 5-star hotel located in Kazan, Russia. Kazan Palace by Tasigo met the requirements of the standard for being SUP-FREE in Customer-Facing Areas in December 2021. The hotel has introduced many outstanding practices. For example, in collaboration with a local social enterprise they have designed and produced reusable laundry bags. Also, in response to the lack of composting facilities in the region, they have invested in their own composter. Learn more about Kazan Palace by Tasigo on their website.
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