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SUP-FREE Micro-certification
SUP-Free Micro-certification is a third-party certification and management system to help you eliminate single-use plastic products from your hotel's operations.
About us
SUP-Free Certification is a third-party certification and management system to help you eliminate single-use plastic products from your hotel's operations.

To answer the needs of modern businesses, in addition to the certification, we provide a set of support tools and access to a community of like-minded people to help you achieve results faster.

SUP-Free was created in response to increasing demand from accommodation providers who wanted to demonstrate their commitment to waste reduction by undergoing an external verification.

To comply with one of the below ratings, you must comply with all RELEVANT criteria for that phase.
SUP-Free Customer Facing Areas
Properties achieve their first star when all consumer-facing single-use plastic products are eliminated
SUP-Free Property
Achieving two stars means that there are no single-use plastic products in consumer-facing areas, back of house operations or any other area within your direct influence (e.g. staff canteens, offices, vehicles)
SUP-Free Influencer
Achieving three stars means that the property is compliant with the expectations of Phases one and two, and additionally, the business influences its supply chain, local communities and guests.
How it works
Registration to SUP-Free is free of charge. Once your details have been validated, you will be able to access a range of educational materials that will help you to get started.
Certification preparation
In order to prepare for certification, our team will send you a checklist form to complete and will provide instructions about how to evidence your responses
Members are able to submit their completed checklist and any supporting documentation online. The SUP-Free team will respond within 30 days to request a time to conduct an online audit.
Online audit

Following the submission of your information, our team will respond within 30 days to request a time to conduct an online audit in order to verify your responses and clarify any outstanding questions. The timing for online audits will vary depending on the size of the premises, the quality of information previously submitted, and the additional information required. You should plan for a minimum of 2 hours and up to 4 hours.
Your certification
You will be informed of your results by email no later than 14 days after completion of the site visit or submission of additional evidence. Once we are satisfied that you have complied to the criteria, you will be notified of your SUP-Free Certification. Your Certification is valid for two years.
Membership and pricing

The SUP-Free certification standard operates on an annual membership plan. At the end of each year businesses can choose to (1) re-subscribe as a Full member for an additional year to work towards achieving a higher star rating, or (2) remain at current star rating, switch to a reduced licence fee and submit to a short verification every year to guarantee continued compliance.
(Full membership)
(After achieving the desired level)
Plastic-Free Starter Kit
Plastic-Free handbooks and toolkits (by Travel Without Plastic)
Live quarterly online trainings and expert sessions
SUP-Free Certification / Licence to use the logo
Full audit or verification (depends on the certification stage)
Promotion via SUP-Free and TWP channels
Access to SUP-Free Community
training & support
Being a member of SUP-Free entitles you to access a wide range of supporting materials, including detailed handbooks to help you meet all of the criteria, the full Travel Without Plastic eToolkit and access to our SUP-Free community, webinars and trainings.
Knowledge Partner
Our primary Knowledge Partner is Travel Without Plastic. Launched in 2017, the Founders have worked in plastic reduction in hotels since 2011 and have a background in hotel health & safety and customer experience. Their expertise and insight has been used to create the standard.

The tools created by Travel Without Plastic are available to you as part of your membership fee.
What is a micro-certification?
In contrast to broad certification schemes that cover a wide range of sustainability themes from resource reduction to community engagement all under one standard, micro-certification provides an opportunity to take a deeper dive into specific topics. Eliminating single-use plastic, food waste prevention, and hygiene and sanitation standards are just some of the areas that fit well with this approach. Micro-certification encourages the type of focus and performance achievement that can result in long-lasting change.
How long does it take to get certified?
It depends on how much you have invested in reducing single-use plastic prior to joining SUP-Free. SUP-Free is confident that even when hotels are starting from the beginning, with our support and guidance, achieving 3-stars should be achievable within a maximum of 3 years. Businesses that are advanced in waste reduction already may achieve 2 or 3-stars immediately. Our annual programme enables you to take it one level at a time, so you go at your own pace.
What happens if some single-use plastics are mandated by local legisation?
Firstly, we would encourage you to establish if single-use PLASTIC is mandatory, or if single use products from other materials are allowed. For example binliners that could be made from certified home compostable materials. The auditor will require details of the legislation for verification purposes. Many alternatives to single-use plastic can look very similar to traditional plastic, if you are obliged to use such materials in customer facing areas it is imperative that guests are made aware of the legislation and how you are meeting it.
What happens if we have achieved the criteria and we reintroduce single-use plastic into our operations?
Once certification levels are reached, we remain in contact with businesses and ask them to verify that there have been no changes. In addition to that our staff regularly monitor consumer feedback sites, web, and social media pages to identify if single-use plastic has crept back in for any reason. Additionally, customers can email us directly to inform us if they have seen single-use plastic in a property that has achieved our certification. If single-use plastic has been reintroduced we will discuss the reasons why with you, it might be an oversight that can be quickly rectified or we may need to reassess your compliance level and make changes accordingly. In the worst-case scenario if the business no longer complies with the first star criteria we would need to ask you to remove your certification from any promotional materials and you will be removed from our website.
What happens if guests bring single-use plastic in from outside and someone sees it, then believing that we are not compliant?
This situation would be understandably out of your control, we advise that you are prepared for this and make it easy for guests to dispose of single-use plastic that they have acquired outside of your premises responsibly. This means have suitable and easily accessible communications as well as a means for you to ensure the plastic is adequately separated and disposed of properly. It will be clear to auditors and to most guests if plastic has been brought in from outside as opposed to it being offered via your own services.
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